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Land rig refurbishment & upgrade

Drilling rig refurbishment is a core business for TOP OILFIELD in the Middle Eastern and Indian regions. From Jack Ups to Carrier units, TOP OILFIELD can accommodate your specific project requirements, supported by a full range of in house services.

Our facilities comprise of a 6,000 square meters of workshops, 20,000 square meters of fabrication yards, 46,000 square meters of rig up and land rig commissioning, management offices and storage areas.

We offer the flexibility to provide options of new and refurbished equipment upgrades, OEM/Aftermarket combinations or the supply of specifically sourced individual drilling equipment components.


Rig inspection services

Our Rig Surveys include

  • Onshore surveys
  • Offshore surveys

Other Rig Surveys

  • Full Rig Conditions Survey
  • Specific Systems Survey
  • Specific Equipments Survey

Specialist inspections and repair

  • Jack ups
  • Sub structures
  • Land rigs
  • Mast structures
  • Jacking legs
  • Offshore Cranes

Drilling equipment refurbishment 

TOP OILFIELD are the leading provider in the overhaul, repair and sales of specialty drilling equipment including Drawworks, Crown Blocks, Travelling blocks, Swivels, Top Drives, Rotary tables, Brakes and Mud Pumps.

Accessing our products; new and refurbished, can be done in a convenient and effective way, allowing you to utilize the option of reducing costs and improving efficiency.

By allowing you the option to buy or rent new or refurbished equipment, you can focus on the project in hand and avoid unnecessary and sizable expenses such as buying and maintaining costly equipment in addition to storing it.


Engine zero hour overhaul 

Since 1995, TOP OILFIELD has specialized in providing quality and value for money engine overhauls. Our customized engine shop boasting state of the art equipment enables us to load and test engines up to 2800 hp.

All this complimented by our skilled engine mechanics who are available for onsite services, repairs and “in-frame” overhauls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, make TOP OILFIELD the number one choice for Engine Overhauls.


As the only system of its kind in the region, our Dynamometer resides in our Hamriyah Free Zone depot within an indoor AC controlled environment.

This system offers variable load capacity to a maximum continuous HP rating of 2,700. The PowerNet software features detailed load curve read-outs and comprehensive information of all engine parameters.


Resistive load bank

This new variable load bank system is the top of its class, offering variation loads for long load durations up to a maximum capacity of 2500Kw at 600 VAC, 3Ph and 60Hz. The system provides a protected and safe means of applying incremental resistance through the use of load elements, logic control, breakers and governor module. 

The system is compact and can be easily located on land, key side and offshore locations handled with the use of a forklift or crane. Pending on generator capacity, load sharing capabilities can be achieved through the SCR or control module. One operator and one assistant would be provided with the system to ensure hook up and smooth running of operations. Commissioning sheets are available and would encourage the presence of a 3rd party class representation such as ABS or DNV